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Sprint calls on open source analytics to prevent cyberfraud

August 16, 2018

Via: CIO

Mobile phone-related fraud is big business. Fraudsters, hackers, and other bad actors employ creative techniques to compromise networks, hijack user information, and piece together customer identities that are then sold for big bucks on the dark web. To protect its […]

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RunSafe could eliminate an entire class of infrastructure malware attacks

August 15, 2018

Via: Tech Crunch

RunSafe, a Mclean Virginia startup, got started doing research for DARPA on how to defend critical infrastructure. They built a commercial product based on that initial research that they claim eliminates an entire class of attacks. Today, the company released […]

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Malware has no trouble hiding and bypassing macOS user warnings

August 14, 2018

Via: ArsTechnica

Apple works hard to make its software secure. Beyond primary protections that prevent malware infections in the first place, company engineers also build a variety of defense-in-depth measures that are designed to lessen the damage that can happen once a […]

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Google Is Tracking Your Location—Even Without Your Permission, Report Says

August 13, 2018

Via: Fortune

The Associated Press discovered that even after you turn off location tracking in Google apps running on Android devices and iPhones, the tech giant will still track your location. The AP asked security researchers to evaluate its findings and those […]

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It’s pretty easy to hack a smart city, cybersecurity researchers find

August 10, 2018

Via: StateScoop

It’s surprisingly easy for a hacker to take control of the environmental sensors, traffic monitors and other internet-connected devices that power smart cities. With little more than some creative search-engine queries and tricks to get through or around authentication prompts, […]

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DHS to hold cyber-focused industry day

August 3, 2018

Via: FCW

The Department of Homeland Security will hold an August industry day focused on public/private collaboration for cybersecurity defense. According to a special notice posted on FedBizOpps, DHS’ Office of Cybersecurity and Communications will hold an event Aug. 16 in Arlington, […]

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Senate blocks additional funding for election security

August 2, 2018

Via: FCW

Senate Republicans successfully beat back another attempt by Democrats to extend hundreds of millions of dollars in grant funding to assist states and localities looking to upgrade the security of their election systems. Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) introduced an amendment […]

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Google: We’ll warn you if government hackers are attacking your company email

August 2, 2018

Via: ZDnet

Google is adding a feature to alert organisations running its G Suite office package if it believes one of their user accounts is being targeted by government-backed hacking. If an organisation’s G Suite admin turns the feature on (it’s off […]

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The TSA is considering eliminating security checkpoints at smaller airports

August 2, 2018

Via: CNBC – Top News

WASHINGTON – The Transportation Security Administration has studied closing its checkpoints at the country’s smallest 150 airports – about one-third of the total – but a firestorm of criticism was swift and widespread even before the idea became a formal […]

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The 10 Largest Data Security Breaches Of 2018 (So Far)

July 31, 2018

Via: CRN

Information management is extremely important to both employees and consumers since unauthorized exposure of that data could potentially lead to identity theft. Although the information exposed can vary and the data can be lost due to everything from insider threats […]