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Mississippi legislature approves nearly $2B in infrastructure investment

On Monday, the Mississippi legislature voted to fund nearly $2 billion in state infrastructure projects through the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

MDOT received $1.5 billion earmark-free appropriations as well as a $620 million supplemental appropriation, the department said. The additional funding will be spent on major construction projects, emergency road and bridge repairs, and multimodal projects like ports, railroads, and airports.

“I thank the Mississippi Legislature for providing MDOT consequential funding not seen since the 1987 Highway Bill,” said Brad White, MDOT’s executive director. “An earmark-free appropriation will allow the agency more flexibility to maximize federal funds and make prudent use of taxpayer dollars. Rest assured that with the trust bestowed upon the agency by the Legislature, the men and women of MDOT are up to the task and ready to get to work for the people of the state.”

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