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Private 5G Will Transform Healthcare

March 17, 2022

Via: CIO

As enterprises prepare to move from 4G to private 5G, it’s critical to remember that this is not merely a speed and bandwidth boost, along the lines of how moving from 3G to 4G played out. As opposed to a […]


5G: Telecoms firms get new deadline to stop installing Huawei kit

November 30, 2020

Via: ZDnet

Telecoms providers won’t be allowed to install equipment provided by Huawei in their 5G networks from the end of September 2021, according to a new roadmap published by the government. The document lays out the steps that telecoms companies will […]


Anti-5G saboteurs raise alarm across Europe

October 19, 2020

Via: Fortune

Europe’s timely rollout of 5G is being threatened by the sabotage of new infrastructure and other expressions of mistrust, more than half the EU’s countries warned Monday. In a letter to the European Commission, 15 countries said they were witnessing […]


5G expected to account for 21% of all wireless infrastructure investment this year

July 28, 2020

Via: ZDnet

Investment in 5G infrastructure is expected to make up 21.3% of the wireless infrastructure market by the end of 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has caused disruption down the IT supply chain, causing supply shortages, transport issues, office closures, and in […]