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New cybersecurity regulations released by TSA for trains and planes

October 7, 2021

Via: ZDnet

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced new cybersecurity regulations for US railroad and airport operators on Wednesday. First reported by Reuters, the rules mandate that operators disclose any hacks, create cyberattack recovery programs and name a chief cyber official. The […]

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Biden caught between allies and critics on border policy

September 29, 2021

Via: Washington's Top News

President Joe Biden is caught between a hard place and an even harder one when it comes to immigration. Biden embraced major progressive policy goals on the issue after he won the Democratic nomination, and he has begun enacting some. […]

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Child border crossings surging, straining US facilities

March 16, 2021

Via: Washington's Top News

A surge of migrants on the Southwest border has the Biden administration on the defensive, with the head of Homeland Security acknowledging the depth of the problem Tuesday but insisting it’s under control and saying he won’t revive a Trump-era […]