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Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 rumours, release date, price and specs

July 23, 2020

Via: The Inquirer

Leaked 3DMark benchmark data (spotted by WindowsLatest) shows a new Microsoft device using an AMD Ryzen 7 4800U processor. While there’s no specific mention of a Surface Laptop 4, it’s fairly safe to assume this is the laptop in question […]

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Notebooks have ‘singlehandedly’ pulled the PC market out of depression

July 10, 2020

Via: ZDnet

As the coronavirus lockdowns began around the globe, businesses and consumers scrambled to buy PCs and laptops to keep them productive or entertained while at home, something that is now showing up in PC sales data: analyst firm Canalys estimates […]

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Robots, drones and surveillance apps: The unexpected future of medicine

July 8, 2020

Via: ZDnet

Healthcare has often been sat on the sidelines when it comes to digital innovations. Part of that is because these services are often under-funded and what resources they do have are channelled into front-line care as much as possible. But […]

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U.S squeezes Huawei on chip design

May 15, 2020

Via: FCW

The Commerce Department squeezed U.S. export controls on Chinese telecommunications gear supplier Huawei’s manufacturing supply chain on May 15. The agency’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) said it would limit the company’s ability to use U.S. semiconductor companies’ design […]

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Consistent SSD Performance Is Critical for Your Storage-Intensive Workloads

January 20, 2020

Via: InfoWorld

Solid state drive (SSD) specs often quote typical latencies—the time required by an SSD to fetch data requested by the system. But typical isn’t always representative of your workloads. You also need consistency. Think of latency as the wait time […]

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The US government still wants TSMC to produce chips in America

January 16, 2020

Via: TechSpot

As reported by the Nikkei Asian Review, TSMC makes chips that are used in American F-35 fighter jets. The tension between China and the US is still high despite the countries signing “phase one” of a broader trade agreement this […]

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The 3 biggest storage trends of the next decade

December 30, 2019

Via: ZDnet

I’ve been watching storage for some 40 years. And each decade has seen accelerating change, and none more so than the the past 10 years. That trend will continue. Here’s the biggest trends I expect to affect all who use […]

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The iPhone 11’s U1 chip necessitates constant geolocation checks, Apple says

December 6, 2019

Via: ArsTechnica

Earlier this week, security reporter Brian Krebs published a story explaining that Apple’s latest iPhones (iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro) periodically check the user’s location even if the user disables location services individually for each and every app and […]

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UPS Says Jobs Will Survive A.I.—But With One Condition

November 18, 2019

Via: Fortune

The logistics industry is on the cusp of dramatic transformation at the hands of artificial intelligence and drone technology. But what does that mean today for all the employees involved in the industry? According to UPS CEO David Abney, who […]

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Has the Trade War Actually Hurt Tech?

November 5, 2019

Via: Fortune

If you had asked me several months ago how I felt about the prospects for the Fortune Global Tech Forum, which begins Thursday morning (China time) in the megalopolis of Guangzhou, up the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong, I […]