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Google Pixel 4a 5G: Release date, price, specs and more

August 11, 2020

Via: The Inquirer

Much of the initial response to Pixel 4a has been positive, with our 4-star review praising the phone’s camera and display in particular. However, with the launch of a 5G competitor in the form of OnePlus Nord, Google’s phone was […]

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Trusted insider says iPhone sales could take a massive hit following Trump’s new ban

August 10, 2020

Via: BGR

President Donald Trump signed two executive orders on Friday that prevent any US transactions with two massive Chinese tech companies in the latest development in the tech war between the two countries. ByteDance is the maker of TikTok, the popular […]

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Apple confirms iPhone 12 release has been delayed

July 31, 2020

Via: BGR

Several reports said in the past few months that Apple would not be able to ship its iPhone 12 on time this year due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Typically, Apple unveils new iPhones in the second week of September, […]

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Apple and Samsung have topped the smartphone market for 9 years. Now there’s a new leader

July 30, 2020

Via: Fortune

China’s Huawei Technologies toppled Samsung in the second quarter to become the world’s largest smartphone company based on shipments, according to a report from Canalys, a market research firm. Huawei had already surpassed Samsung in monthly sales in April and […]

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The hot new OnePlus Nord is coming to the US, and it has a surprise in store

July 29, 2020

Via: BGR

The recently announced OnePlus Nord is one of the best budget phones you can buy right now. The phone costs less than $500 in Europe and India, where it’s available to order and offers decent hardware for that price point. […]

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iPhone 14 could feature Apple’s most significant camera upgrade ever

July 22, 2020

Via: BGR

When it comes to major new smartphone features and additions, Apple is often comfortable letting other vendors test the waters months or even years before it experiments with the same technology in the iPhone. That seems to be the case […]

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OnePlus Nord vs OnePlus 8: What are the big differences?

July 21, 2020

Via: The Inquirer

The first question that has probably jumped into your head is ‘how is this different to the OnePlus 8?’ which was previously the brand’s more affordable option. Thankfully we’re here to help and to discover what sets the Nord apart […]

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iPhone 12 might be more expensive than we thought

July 9, 2020

Via: BGR

Apple is widely expected to launch four iPhone 12 versions this year, which will come in three sizes: 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.7-inch. All the phones will feature 5G connectivity, OLED displays, and storage will start at 128GB, according to various […]

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U.S squeezes Huawei on chip design

May 15, 2020

Via: FCW

The Commerce Department squeezed U.S. export controls on Chinese telecommunications gear supplier Huawei’s manufacturing supply chain on May 15. The agency’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) said it would limit the company’s ability to use U.S. semiconductor companies’ design […]

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Government can’t force people to use tech Google and Apple created to trace coronavirus cases

April 13, 2020


Governments can’t force their citizens to use technology built by Apple and Google for tracking and mitigating the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus, senior company representatives said on Monday. Apple and Google, normally arch-rivals, announced on Friday that they teamed […]