DHS to launch cloud steering group

March 1, 2018

Via: FCW

The Department of Homeland Security is launching a cloud steering group as part of its cloud computing strategy, CIO John Zangardi said during a keynote address at AFCEA’s 2018 Cyber Summit on Feb. 27.

“There are 584 applications roughly in DHS, 52 are in the process of or are moving to the cloud. So there’s 29 applications across the components at headquarters that are currently in the cloud right now,” Zangardi said. “That’s not a significant number when you think about it out of 584. We need to do better, so we’re setting up a cloud steering group.”

The cloud steering group would be at the undersecretary level, he said, “to make sure that we take advantage and cut across all the equities that are out there and start moving this forward” and include a slew of executives, namely the chief procurement officer, chief security officer, chief privacy officer, CIOs and their deputies, among other executives.

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