image: Title Magazine

The President Is Missing… a few finer points on how the cyber works in this novel

If you hadn’t heard, former President William Jefferson Clinton and well-established mass-production author James Patterson have collaborated on a novel titled The President Is Missing. The book is a political cyber-thriller of sorts, the second such book from a member of the Clinton family—that is, if you count Hillary Clinton’s What Happened as one. And just as with Ms. Clinton’s book, The President Is Missing gives shout-outs to Russian hacking groups, mentioning Fancy Bear by name.

The President Is Missing is, however, a work of fiction. At 513 pages in hardcover, it’s slightly slimmer than the recently released Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General report on the FBI’s conduct during the Clinton email investigation and certainly better paced—with Patterson’s trademarked five-to-10 page chapters cutting it up for easy digestion.

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