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Internet group brands Mozilla ‘internet villain’ for supporting DNS privacy feature

July 5, 2019

Via: Tech Crunch

An industry group of internet service providers has branded Firefox browser maker Mozilla an “internet villain” for supporting a DNS security standard. The U.K.’s Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA), the trade group for U.K. internet service providers, nominated the browser […]


Major Cloudflare bug leaked sensitive data from customers’ websites

February 24, 2017

Via: Tech Crunch

Cloudflare revealed a serious bug in its software today that caused sensitive data like passwords, cookies, authentication tokens to spill in plaintext from its customers’ websites. The announcement is a major blow for the content delivery network, which offers enhanced […]


CloudFlare: 94 percent of the Tor traffic we see is “per se malicious”

March 31, 2016

Via: ArsTechnica

More than ever, websites are blocking users of the anonymizing Tor network or degrading the services they receive. Data published today by Web security company CloudFlare suggests why that is. In a company blog post entitled “The Trouble with Tor,” […]