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Solar + batteries at home can provide backup power during disasters

September 29, 2022

Via: ArsTechnica

Lights went out as Hurricane Fiona devastated areas from the Caribbean to Canada, and Hurricane Ian has done the same. Hurricanes, along with other natural disasters like wildfires and winter storms, can leave people without access to electricity. However, new […]

Energy & Environment, Industry

Race to cut carbon emissions splits U.S. states on nuclear

January 18, 2022

Via: Federal News Network

As climate change pushes states in the U.S. to dramatically cut their use of fossil fuels, many are coming to the conclusion that solar, wind and other renewable power sources might not be enough to keep the lights on. Nuclear […]


Sonnen’s new battery for solar self-consumption could succeed in US

July 11, 2016

Via: ArsTechnica

German battery company Sonnen never made the grand splash in the US that Tesla made with its Powerwall. But the company has ambitions to match its US-native rival. Sonnen opened up its US headquarters in Los Angeles just this past […]