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Study: Fewer crashes after Utah set strictest DUI law in US

February 11, 2022

Via: Washington's Top News

Traffic deaths decreased in Utah after the state enacted the strictest drunken driving laws in the nation five years ago, new research published Friday by a U.S. government agency shows. The findings provide initial validation for conservative lawmakers who passed […]


ICE mined driver’s license photos for facial recognition

July 8, 2019

Via: Tech Crunch

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement are using facial recognition software to trawl through millions of driver’s license photos provided by 21 states to search and find suspects. News broke over the weekend that the FBI and immigration officials access images […]


Utah government now blocking up to 900 million cyberattacks daily

February 1, 2018

Via: StateScoop

Utah state government experiences more than 300 million cyberattacks daily. That’s on a good day. Some days they see 900 million cyberattacks. Two years ago, though, there were only 150 million daily attempts to hack into their system. This new […]


Utah now has an online registry for white-collar criminals

March 28, 2016

Via: ArsTechnica

Every US state has a registry for sex offenders. Utah is taking that concept to a new level. The state has unveiled a first of its kind database for white-collar criminals that lawmakers say is intended to increase public safety. […]


Utah Mapping Partnership Aims to Build Live Data-Sharing Framework

February 27, 2015

Via: Jessica Hughes

A new partnership in Utah is looking to take geospatial understanding to the next level. With new high-resolution imagery, the 14-entity Utah Mapping and Information Partnership — which consists of state, regional and local government organizations — plans to share […]