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Volkswagen, Audi disclose data breach impacting over 3.3 million customers, interested buyers

June 14, 2021

Via: ZDnet

Volkswagen has revealed a data breach impacting over 3.3 million customers. The majority of impacted individuals are either current or prospective buyers for Audi vehicles. 163,000 individuals are in Canada, whereas the rest are in the United States. On Friday, […]

Cloud Computing

Volkswagen and Amazon Team Up to Create an Industrial Cloud

March 27, 2019

Via: Fortune

The world’s biggest carmaker and the everything store are teaming up. Amazon (AMZN, -0.48%) and Volkswagen (VLKPF, +0.00%) announced a new global, multiyear partnership Wednesday morning to create an industrial cloud for the automaker’s 122 facilities, with the intention of […]

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A year of digging through code yields “smoking gun” on VW, Fiat diesel cheats

May 30, 2017

Via: ArsTechnica

Researchers from Bochum, Germany, and San Diego, California, say they’ve found the precise mechanisms that allowed diesel Volkswagens and Audis to engage or disengage emissions controls depending on whether the cars were being driven in a lab or driven under […]