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Google, Arm team up to tackle memory vulnerabilities through MTE

August 5, 2019

Via: ZDnet

Google has announced a partnership with chipmaker Arm to design an Android-ready MTE extension for reducing the number of memory-related vulnerabilities in the mobile platform.

Last week, Kostya Serebryany from Google Core Systems and Sudhi Herle, a member of the Android Security & Privacy Team said that both companies will work together to design the memory tagging extension (MTE), a hardware feature that will function as a memory bug scanning tool.

“Memory safety bugs, common in C and C++, remain one of the largest vulnerabilities in the Android platform and although there have been previous hardening efforts, memory safety bugs comprised more than half of the high priority security bugs in Android 9,” Google says. “Additionally, memory safety bugs manifest as hard to diagnose reliability problems, including sporadic crashes or silent data corruption.

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