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Juniper launches network automation bots

December 7, 2017

Via: ZDnet

Juniper on Thursday announced Juniper Bots, a line of applications for its Contrail Cloud and AppFormix platforms that automate network management tasks and improve network analytics.

Three bots will be available at launch: Contrail PeerBot, TestBot and HealthBot, and Juniper intends they change the way network operators interact with the network. Real time analytics are incorporated to translate “what” into “how.”

  • PeerBot automates the process of network peering to simplify policy enforcement and on-demand scaling.
  • TestBot automates the continuous auditing of design, provisioning, and deployment changes in the network.
  • AppFormix HealthBot translates troubleshooting, maintenance, and real-time analytics into an intuitive user experience for insights into the overall health of a network.

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