The complex patchwork of US AI regulation has already arrived

April 5, 2024

Via: CIO
Category: IT Policy, Tech

As artificial intelligence adoption has surged in the past year, many voices have called for regulation to protect people from adverse machine decisions — and regulatory bodies are responding with a complex patchwork of emerging statutes and mandates that CIOs […]

White House requires agencies to create AI safeguards, appoint CAIOs

March 28, 2024

Via: CIO
Category: IT Policy, Tech

US government agencies will need to provide human oversight to AI models that make critical decisions about healthcare, employment, and other critical issues affecting people to comply with a new policy from the White House Office of Management and Budget […]

New phishing campaign targets US organizations with NetSupport RAT

March 21, 2024

Category: Cybersecurity

Hundreds of US employees have been targeted in a new email attack that uses accounting lures to distribute malicious documents that deploy a malicious remote access tool known as NetSupport RAT. The attackers use a combination of detection evasion techniques […]

Policy, State & Local

GOP senator visits border, hails Abbott’s success slowing migrant surge despite Biden admin opposition

March 28, 2024

Via: Fox News

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., returning from the southern border, is backing Gov. Greg Abbott in his efforts to secure the Texas border, pointing to a sharp change in migrant traffic in the Eagle Pass area. Blackburn visited the border in […]


Trump on the Ticket: A Super Tuesday Triumph for Republicans

March 26, 2024

Via: Camila Mendes

The highly anticipated 2024 U.S presidential elections, set to take place in November, have been nothing short of dramatic. One of the big questions this year was whether Republican favorite, former president, Donald Trump, was actually eligible to run. This […]