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Maryland pounces on federal funding for election cybersecurity

April 17, 2018

Via: StateScoop

All nine members of U.S. Congress representing Maryland requested this month that Republican Gov. Larry Hogan bolster the state’s election security and infrastructure before the 2018 midterms. Gov. Hogan agreed. In a letter to the governor, lawmakers wrote, “With the […]

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TIC still tripping up agencies’ cloud modernization efforts

April 3, 2018

Via: FCW

The federal government is pushing to modernize its IT infrastructure of several fronts, but agencies are still struggling with conflicting goals like cloud adoption, telework policies and Trusted Internet Connection compliance. At a March 15 event hosted by CA Technologies, […]

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Federal networks susceptible to router hacks, DHS says

March 7, 2018

Via: FCW

A 2016 report from the Department of Homeland Security on network infrastructure security sheds new light on how DHS was dealing with widespread vulnerabilities in a popular router used by federal agencies. The report, issued in conjunction with Binding Operational […]


Here’s What You Need to Know About ADA Compliance

March 2, 2018

Via: Michael Boyd

In June 2017, a Florida federal judge decided that Winn-Dixie’s website violates the Americans with Disabilities Act (also known as ADA). The North American retailer was required to update its site because it was inaccessible to the visually impaired. According […]

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Justice Inspector General Goes to Work to Locate Disputed FBI Text Messages

January 24, 2018

Via: Government Executive

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, the leader of the government’s watchdogs who is already probing the FBI’s conduct during the 2016 election, is now being counted on to find lost bureau text messages some lawmakers believe show unfair treatment […]

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Even without full compliance, DHS happy with email hygiene mandate

January 22, 2018

Via: FCW

Despite reports from researchers criticizing the rate at which the government is adopting domain and email security protocols, the government is happy with agencies’ progress. At a Jan. 16 event, a Department of Homeland Security official said the department was […]

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Agencies have a long way to go to fix security clearance problems, GAO says

December 13, 2017

Via: FCW

A new GAO audit has found that many federal agencies have yet to implement years-old recommendations to reform and speed up their security clearance processes. The report covers the time period between 2012 and 2016 and examines the progress made […]

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Federal website performance continues to lag

November 29, 2017

Via: FCW

Americans depend on more than 4,500 federal websites to access critical government services and information, but a report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation finds of 91 percent of the most popular agency websites are failing to perform well […]

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Delayed Security Clearance Reforms Could Increase Costs for Agencies

November 23, 2017

Via: Government Executive

Intelligence officials are still far behind in perfecting a system to continuously evaluate security clearance holders by scanning public records rather than relying on rigorous re-clearance investigations every five or 10 years, a congressional watchdog found. In October 2016, the […]


Enrollment for threat sharing program continues to lag

November 2, 2017

Via: FCW

The federal government has big plans for a public-private cybersecurity information exchange, if only it can get buy-in from the private sector. Acting federal Chief Information Security Officer Grant Schneider told attendees at a Nov. 1 information sharing conference in […]