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Networking Security, Security

How CIOs can relieve the tension between security and network operations

November 30, 2017

Via: CIO

In almost every conversation I have with CIOs, a common theme comes up: how to get the silos within IT to work together. The relationships between the different groups vary, but the one that seems to have the most tension […]

Attacks & Breaches, Security

Will new breach reporting rules make defense firms more secure?

November 30, 2017

Via: FCW

New information security rules governing defense industrial base firms take effect on Dec. 31. The rules require compliance with the new standard for protecting “controlled unclassified information” from the National Institute of Standards and Technology and set time limits on […]

Operations Security, Security

Apple releases a macOS security update to fix huge login security flaw

November 29, 2017

Via: Tech Crunch

Apple has just released a security update for macOS High Sierra and you should update right now (Apple will automatically push the security patch later today). This update fixes yesterday’s very concerning vulnerability that let anyone log into your Mac […]

Operations Security, Security

Delayed Security Clearance Reforms Could Increase Costs for Agencies

November 23, 2017

Via: Government Executive

Intelligence officials are still far behind in perfecting a system to continuously evaluate security clearance holders by scanning public records rather than relying on rigorous re-clearance investigations every five or 10 years, a congressional watchdog found. In October 2016, the […]

Operations Security, Security

GitHub to devs: Now you’ll get security alerts on flaws in popular software libraries

November 17, 2017

Via: ZDnet

Development platform GitHub has launched a new service that searches project dependencies in JavaScript and Ruby for known vulnerabilities and then alerts project owners if it finds any. The new service aims to help developers update project dependencies as soon […]

Operations Security, Security

NASA spent $1.4 billion on IT, but governance and security issues remain

November 16, 2017

Via: ZDnet

NASA spent $1.4 billion, or 7.6 percent of its $18.5 billion budget, on information technology, but continues to struggle with security and governance, according to the space agency’s annual report. The report highlights how NASA has struggled with managing its […]

Software, Tech

Firefox’s faster, slicker, slimmer Quantum edition now out

November 14, 2017

Via: ArsTechnica

Mozilla is working on a major overhaul of its Firefox browser, and, with the general release of Firefox 57 today, has reached a major milestone. The version of the browser coming out today has a sleek new interface and, under […]

Mobile Security, Security

Android security: Google cracks down on apps that want to use accessibility services

November 13, 2017

Via: ZDnet

Google has told Android developers that they won’t be able to publish their applications on the Google Play store if the app uses accessibility services for anything other than its intended purpose. Officially, accessibility services is an Android API designed […]

Mobile Security, Security

Here’s Why Text Messages and Calls on 180 Million Smartphones Are Now at Risk

November 9, 2017

Via: Fortune

Up to 180 million smartphone owners are at risk of having some of their text messages and calls intercepted by hackers because of a simple coding error in at least 685 mobile apps, cybersecurity firm Appthority warned on Thursday. Developers […]

Networking Security, Security

IoT devices are an enterprise security time bomb

November 8, 2017

Via: ZDnet

The Internet of Things (IoT) is causing serious security concerns for enterprises worldwide with few companies capable of securing them as they are unable to identify devices properly, according to new research. On Wednesday, ForeScout Technologies revealed the results of […]