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Elon Musk says he will pay over $11 billion in taxes this year, more than any American in history

December 20, 2021

Via: TechSpot

A ProPublica report back in June found that many billionaires such as Musk and Jeff Bezos pay little to no federal taxes using completely legal means. Musk reportedly avoided paying any federal income tax in 2018 while handing over just […]

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Here’s how Biden wants to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations

March 18, 2021

Via: Washington's Top News

Now that he’s signed the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion Covid relief package, President Joe Biden is turning to the next items on his legislative agenda — and laying the groundwork for raising taxes on wealthier Americans to pay for them. Biden […]

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The White House Paid Up to $500 Million Too Much for These Ventilators, Congressional Investigators Say

August 10, 2020

Via: Government Executive

Citing “evidence of fraud, waste, and abuse,” a congressional subcommittee investigating the federal government’s purchase of $646.7 million worth of Philips ventilators has asked the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General to launch its own […]