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IRS systems crash on tax day

April 18, 2018

Via: FCW

The IRS electronic filing system crashed in the early-morning hours of tax filing deadline day, the acting head of the tax agency announced in a congressional hearing. The crash affected the transmission of tax payments from paid providers and tax […]

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Election security bill needs tweaks, state officials say

April 18, 2018

Via: StateScoop

Election security legislation now being considered by the Senate needs some adjustments, state officials have told the bill’s backers. State secretaries from Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado and New Mexico spoke in-person and on the phone Monday with Republican Sen. […]

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Intel, Microsoft to use GPU to scan memory for malware

April 17, 2018

Via: ArsTechnica

Since the news of the Meltdown and Spectre attacks earlier this year, Intel has been working to reassure the computer industry that it takes security issues very seriously and that, in spite of the Meltdown issue, the Intel platform is […]

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U.S. companies banned from selling components to ZTE

April 16, 2018

Via: Tech Crunch

This time last year, Chinese electronics giant ZTE pled guilty to violating sanctions on Iran and North Korea. This morning, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced a seven-year export restriction for the company, resulting in a ban on U.S. component […]

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IRS chief may be overselling tax IT modernization

April 12, 2018

Via: FCW

Acting IRS Commissioner David Kautter told lawmakers during an April 11 House Appropriations committee hearing that the agency has made significant improvements around a key IT modernization initiative. “The core processing system for filing and processing tax returns has been […]

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House Speaker Paul Ryan Will Not Run for Re-Election in November

April 11, 2018

Via: Fortune

House Speaker Paul Ryan will not seek reelection, one of his representatives confirmed in a statement Wednesday — a move that leaves both his seat and possibly the most powerful position in the House of Representatives up for grabs while […]

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Facebook rolls out $40K user data abuse bounty ahead of Zuckerberg’s Congressional testimony

April 10, 2018

Via: Tech Crunch

Ahead of Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate testimony today, Facebook has rolled out a number of product updates — including a bounty hunting program of up to $40,000 for user data violations — meant to address (and blunt) the criticism he’s likely […]

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SaaS cloud subscriptions: When “on-demand” really isn’t

April 9, 2018

Via: CIO

Large legacy on-premise enterprise software vendors, like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft, continue to push their “on-demand” SaaS cloud products into their customer base. To a large extent, these efforts are designed to counteract the competitive threat posed by the major […]

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Yellen says tax cuts are blowing up the budget

April 9, 2018


Last year’s aggressive tax cuts are at the heart of a worsening budget situation that will see deficits surge in the years ahead, according to an op-ed by former Fed Chair Janet Yellen and others. The essay, published in Sunday’s […]

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​Cloud computing: Don’t forget these factors when you make the move

April 4, 2018

Via: ZDnet

Use of cloud computing is increasingly a business-as-normal activity, and C-suite executives across all sectors have a broad range of experiences around how the cloud can be used to support digital transformation. Here, three executives who presented at the recent […]