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Trump’s tariffs are equivalent to one of the largest tax increases in decades

May 16, 2019

Via: CNBC – Top News

President Donald Trump, having championed one of the larger tax cuts in recent years, has now enacted tariffs equivalent to one of the largest tax increases in decades. A CNBC analysis of data from the Treasury Department ranks the combined […]


Verizon Is Spending Part of Its Tax Cut to Boost STEM Education

April 2, 2018

Via: Fortune

Verizon Communications, among the biggest beneficiaries of the corporate tax cut this year, said it would double its commitment to fostering science, technology, and engineering education (STEM) in schools that lack such resources. The telecom giant will donate $400 million […]

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Trump tax cuts trickle across America, bringing glee and skepticism

February 8, 2018

Via: CNBC – Top News

President Donald Trump’s $1.5 trillion tax overhaul, touted as major tax relief for individuals and corporations, is showing up in bigger paychecks and bonuses awarded to workers by companies whose tax bills are being slashed. More than 200 companies, including […]

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Trump’s ‘Big, Beautiful Tax Cut’ Holds Some Big Unknowns for Government

January 4, 2018

Via: Government Executive

At President Trump’s big pre-Christmas tax cut celebration, he proudly told everyone, “I promised the American people a big, beautiful tax cut for Christmas.” And, he added, “that is exactly what they are getting.” The spin machines are going full […]

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White House budget director Mick Mulvaney: I’m ‘cautiously optimistic’ on tentative tax cut deal

December 14, 2017


White House budget director Mick Mulvaney told CNBC on Thursday he’s “cautiously optimistic” about a tentative tax cut deal on Capitol Hill. House and Senate Republican negotiators, who have been scrambling to craft a compromise bill, said on Wednesday they […]

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Fed’s incoming chair Powell faces an early test of his policy view as tax cuts near approval

December 11, 2017

Via: CNBC – Top News

Incoming Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell, chosen by U.S. President Donald Trump to keep the recovery humming, appears set to let an expected trillion-dollar tax cut run its course through the economy as weak wage growth and inflation buttress his […]