The complex patchwork of US AI regulation has already arrived

April 5, 2024

Via: CIO
Category: IT Policy, Tech

As artificial intelligence adoption has surged in the past year, many voices have called for regulation to protect people from adverse machine decisions — and regulatory bodies are responding with a complex patchwork of emerging statutes and mandates that CIOs […]

White House requires agencies to create AI safeguards, appoint CAIOs

March 28, 2024

Via: CIO
Category: IT Policy, Tech

US government agencies will need to provide human oversight to AI models that make critical decisions about healthcare, employment, and other critical issues affecting people to comply with a new policy from the White House Office of Management and Budget […]

New phishing campaign targets US organizations with NetSupport RAT

March 21, 2024

Category: Cybersecurity

Hundreds of US employees have been targeted in a new email attack that uses accounting lures to distribute malicious documents that deploy a malicious remote access tool known as NetSupport RAT. The attackers use a combination of detection evasion techniques […]

Policy, State & Local

Biden and Trump win Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Wisconsin primaries

April 2, 2024

Via: Washington's Top News

Voters in four states weighed in Tuesday on their parties’ presidential nominees, a largely symbolic vote now that both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have locked up the Democratic and Republican nominations. Biden and Trump easily won […]


The Pentagon wants to help boost cybersecurity for small contractors

April 2, 2024

Via: Government Executive

The Pentagon is working on a shared virtual cloud-based workspace for contractors as a way to boost their cybersecurity and part of a larger strategic effort to make defense companies more secure. “There are some things that we’re working on […]