Cryptocurrency Scams Are Now Among the SEC’s Top Enforcement Priorities

November 2, 2018

Via: Fortune

An annual report by the Securities and Exchange Commission reveals how digital currency scams, which did not merit a mention two years ago, are among the agency’s top enforcement priorities. The SEC is focused in particular on so-called Initial Coin […]

Oracle puts AI center stage at OpenWorld

October 24, 2018

Via: CIO
Category: Software, Tech

If you’re an Oracle customer, you’ve probably been invited to move some of your spending with them to a subscription model. Now Oracle wants to make it easier for you to move your own customers to subscription-based pricing too. Oracle […]

How the Energy Dept. is operationalizing emergency response

September 19, 2018

Via: FCW

The head of the Energy Department’s energy security office is looking to build relationships with emergency response and cybersecurity agencies at the Department of Homeland Security to sharpen overall government and private-sector awareness of cyber and physical threats. “We’re a […]

Federal, Policy

Could GSA’s Murphy join the race for the exits?

November 8, 2018

Via: FCW

Several cabinet officials are likely to leave government service ahead of the expected flurry of investigations once Democrats take control of the House of Representatives in January. The General Service Administration’s chief Emily Murphy could join some other, more high-profile […]

Cloud Infrastructure, Infrastructure

Google Cloud wants to make it easier for data scientists to share models

November 8, 2018

Via: Tech Crunch

Today, Google Cloud announced Kubeflow pipelines and AI Hub, two tools designed to help data scientists put the models they create to work across their organizations. Rajen Sheth, director of product management for Google Cloud’s AI and ML products says […]

Networking, Tech

AT&T steps up copyright enforcement, kicks customers off network

November 7, 2018

Via: ArsTechnica

AT&T is terminating the broadband service of more than a dozen customers who were accused multiple times of copyright infringement, according to a report by Axios today. “It’s the first time AT&T has discontinued customer service over piracy allegations since […]

Hardware, Mobility, Tech

Apple’s iPad Pro and Mac Mini Launch Today: Here’s What to Know

November 7, 2018

Via: Fortune

After a major press event last week, Apple is now bringing the hardware it announced at that show to store shelves. Starting on Wednesday, Apple (AAPL, +0.80%) will begin selling in stores and online the new iPad Pro, MacBook Air, […]