Mobile security: These seven malicious apps have been downloaded by 2.4m Android and iPhone users

September 24, 2020

Via: ZDnet

Almost two and a half million Android and iPhone users downloaded seven adware apps from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, according to research by a cybersecurity company. Many of the apps were being promoted via TikTok and […]

Five iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 security and privacy features you need to know about

September 17, 2020

Via: ZDnet

iOS 14 is out, and if you’re brave enough to install it you will be getting some new security and privacy features. Some are visible, others are buried in the operating system. Let’s go on a quick tour of five […]

ByteDance is talking with the U.S. government about ways to avoid a full sale of TikTok

September 9, 2020

Category: Federal, Policy

ByteDance is speaking with the U.S. government about possible solutions that may allow it to retain some ownership of the U.S. operations of TikTok, while satisfying regulators in both China and the U.S. Those possibilities include handing over operational control […]

Federal, Policy

House Democrats push to break stimulus impasse with $2.2 trillion package

September 29, 2020

Via: Fortune

House Democrats released a scaled back $2.2 trillion proposal to extend support to the U.S. economy in face of the continuing damage from the coronavirus pandemic. The plan follows through on discussions last week to prompt a last-ditch attempt at […]

Mobile Security, Security

“Joker”—the malware that signs you up for pricey services—floods Android markets

September 29, 2020

Via: ArsTechnica

September has been a busy month for malicious Android apps, with dozens of them from a single malware family alone flooding either Google Play or third-party markets, researchers from security companies said. Known as Joker, this family of malicious apps […]

Policy, State & Local

Biden leads in 7 states Trump won in 2016, poll shows

September 28, 2020

Via: Fortune

Democratic nominee Joe Biden is heading into the first presidential debate on Tuesday leading President Donald Trump in seven states the Republican won four years ago. If Biden were to win every state carried by Hillary Clinton along with the […]

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Judge blocks Trump’s order to ban TikTok

September 28, 2020

Via: BGR

TikTok continues to remain available for download on iPhone and Android, as a judge blocked on Sunday the Trump administration’s executive order that would have forced Apple and Google to remove the app from their app stores. This would have […]