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The challenge of providing a common defense in cyberspace

October 12, 2018

Via: FCW

The release of the White House’s National Cyber Strategy last month received little attention, but it marks a significant milestone with its recognition of the lawlessness of cyberspace. The strategy states of adversaries: “They hide behind notions of sovereignty while […]

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Microsoft shows off government cloud services with JEDI due date imminent

October 9, 2018

Via: Tech Crunch

Just a day after Google decided to drop out of the Pentagon’s massive $10 billion, 10-year JEDI cloud contract bidding, Microsoft announced increased support services for government clients. In a long blog post, the company laid out its government focused […]

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Justice Department files criminal charges against seven Russian spies over Fancy Bear cyberattacks

October 4, 2018

Via: Tech Crunch

U.S. prosecutors have charged seven suspects accused of working for the Russian GRU, the country’s military intelligence unit. The Justice Department’s National Security Division alleged the seven hackers were part of “a conspiracy to use computer hacking to obtain non-public, […]

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Palo Alto Networks to acquire RedLock for $173 M to beef up cloud security

October 3, 2018

Via: Tech Crunch

Palo Alto Networks launched in 2005 in the age of firewalls. As we all know by now, the enterprise expanded beyond the cozy confines of a firewall long ago and vendors like Palo Alto have moved to securing data in […]

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France records big jump in privacy complaints since GDPR

September 25, 2018

Via: Tech Crunch

Another European data protection agency has reported a sharp rise in the numbers of complaints since the EU updated its privacy framework four months ago, when GDPR came into force, updating regional data protection rules and introducing much higher penalties […]

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Security experts say Chrome 69’s ‘forced login’ feature violates user privacy

September 24, 2018

Via: Tech Crunch

A new feature in the latest version of Google Chrome that logs users into the browser when they sign in to a Google site has come under fire. Until recently, it was the user’s choice to log-in to the browser. […]

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Pentagon CIOs struggle with legacy tech, security. Sound familiar?

September 21, 2018

Via: CIO

Patrick Flanders has been thinking a lot about IT modernization. Flanders, CIO of the Defense Health Agency, is gearing up to consolidate control over the Pentagon’s sprawling network of treatment centers, in the process centralizing a far-flung set of IT […]

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Next Year, Half of All Calls to Cell Phones Will Be Scams—And There’s Nothing We Can Do

September 20, 2018

Via: Fortune

You’re not imagining it: Scammers are increasingly blowing up your phone. First Orion, an Arkansas company that provides caller ID and call blocking services, found that the volume of mobile scam calls has risen from 3.7% of total calls in […]

Attacks & Breaches, Security

Cryptocurrency mining attacks using leaked NSA hacking tools are still highly active a year later

September 14, 2018

Via: Tech Crunch

It’s been over a year since highly classified exploits built by the National Security Agency were stolen and published online. One of the tools, dubbed EternalBlue, can covertly break into almost any Windows machine around the world. It didn’t take […]

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FINRA takes down an unregistered cryptocurrency security

September 12, 2018

Via: Tech Crunch

FINRA, the non-profit organization that tasks itself with policing the securities industry, is charging Timothy Tilton Ayre of Agawam, Mass. with fraud and unlawful distribution of unregistered cryptocurrency securities. Ayre claimed that users could buy equity in his company, Rocky […]