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Evolution of data platforms: Using the right data for the right outcomes

September 17, 2018

Via: ZDnet

Last week, I ran my friend and thought leader Esteban Kolsky’s first part on how to think about data in a post-big data world — and it was a hit. Now, to end the suspense, we have part two, where […]

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PayPal debuts Funds Now, instant payouts for sellers on its platform

September 11, 2018

Via: Tech Crunch

PayPal, now with 19.5 million businesses and 250 million customers using its payment rails to sell and buy goods and services, is today taking the wraps off a new feature that it hopes will bring more transactions to its platform. […]

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Huawei Announces the World’s First 7-Nanometer Chipset, Beating Apple to the Punch

September 5, 2018

Via: Fortune

Chinese manufacturer Huawei just won a global race to develop the next generation of microchips, narrowly beating Apple to the finish line. At the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin last Friday, Huawei’s consumer head, Richard Yu, unveiled the […]

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Google open-sources internal tool for finding font-related security bugs

September 4, 2018

Via: ZDnet

Google has open-sourced an internal tool that can help security researchers find security bugs in font display (rasterization) components. The tool is named BrokenType and is the work of Google Project Zero security engineer Mateusz Jurczyk, one of the leading […]

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Facebook violates Apple’s data-gathering rules, pulls VPN from App Store

August 23, 2018

Via: ArsTechnica

Facebook is the latest company to violate Apple’s new app guidelines surrounding data collection. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Facebook pulled Onavo Protect, a VPN app, from Apple’s App Store after the iPhone maker determined that […]

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Google: Expect Android Pie Go on new phones this fall with more storage space

August 16, 2018

Via: ZDnet

Android 9.0 Pie is so far only available for Pixel and the Essential PH1 phones, but the Go edition of Android Pie is also coming soon with improvements for ultra-cheap smartphones. Google has announced its Go edition of Android Pie, […]

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Twitter suspends Alex Jones for urging people to keep “battle rifles” ready

August 15, 2018

Via: ArsTechnica

After holding out for a few weeks, Twitter joined the chorus of social media and tech giants that have punished conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for questionable content. Twitter suspended Jones from his account on Tuesday after he tweeted out a […]

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Microsoft decides to support Skype Classic for some time after users revolt

August 7, 2018

Via: Tech Crunch

Skype Classic is not being killed off…well, not just yet. In July, Microsoft announced Skype 8.0 was launching on the desktop, and that it would be shutting down version 7.0 (aka Skype Classic) as a result. The older version would […]

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Twitter ‘shadow banning’ is Trump’s latest social media cause

July 26, 2018

Via: Tech Crunch

The president’s latest Twitter target is Twitter itself. This morning, Trump took to the platform to call out the alleged “shadow banning” of Republican users. It’s the latest in long-standing conservative and right-wing complaints regarding perceived unfair treatment at the […]

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EU: Google illegally used Android to dominate search, must pay $5B fine

July 18, 2018

Via: ArsTechnica

The European Commission today fined Google $5.05 billion (€4.34 billion) for violating EU antitrust rules, saying that “Google has imposed illegal restrictions on Android device manufacturers and mobile network operators to cement its dominant position in general Internet search.” The […]