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FCC sets criteria for state FirstNet networks

June 26, 2017

Via: FCW

The Federal Communications Commission has approved the benchmarks it will use to evaluate alternative network proposals for states that choose to opt out of FirstNet, the national, AT&T-built nationwide, interoperable wireless network planned for emergency responders. The unanimous June 22 […]

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US Senate resolution aims to roll back privacy rules for ISPs

March 8, 2017

Via: CIO

A resolution introduced in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday aims to roll back privacy rules for broadband service providers that were approved by the Federal Communications Commission in October. The rules include the requirement that internet service providers like Comcast, […]

Federal, Policy

Trump orders “1 in, 2 out” rule for federal regulations

January 31, 2017

Via: ArsTechnica

Last week was a busy one for controversial executive orders, and this week started with another. On Monday, President Trump signed a far-reaching Executive Order directing federal agencies to get rid of two existing regulations for every new regulation added—regardless […]

Federal, Policy

FAA releases long-awaited drone rules

June 23, 2016

Via: FCW

The Federal Aviation Administration went public on June 21 with its first set of rules that set boundaries for the use of small commercial drone systems operating within the national airspace. Among many other things, the 600-plus pages of new […]

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New rules would make CEO Mark Zuckerberg lose control of Facebook if he quits

June 3, 2016

Via: CIO

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg would lose majority voting control of the social networking company if he quits his job or his services are terminated, according to new rules proposed by the board. The rules, which were first mooted as part […]


Secret court approves classified rule change on how FBI can use NSA data

March 9, 2016

Via: ArsTechnica

On Tuesday, The Guardian reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has changed its rules regarding how it redacts Americans’ information when it takes international communications from the National Security Agency’s (NSA) database. The paper confirmed the classified rule […]


Court Rules NSA Bulk Data Collection Can Resume

June 30, 2015

Via: Lucas Matney

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ruled late Monday that the NSA may temporarily resume its bulk data collection of Americans’ phone records. The ruling revives the NSA program that was halted earlier this month when a certain provision of the […]