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The Call to Ban TikTok Gains Momentum

December 26, 2023

Via: Camila Mendes

The call to ban TikTok in the U.S. is steadily gaining momentum, with legislative action increasing across the country; from proposed state bans to university’s blocking the app over their networks, the data breach allegations against the platform are mounting, […]

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Federal judge rules to maintain Texas TikTok ban

December 13, 2023

Via: StateScoop

A Monday ruling from a Texas federal district court upheld the statewide ban of TikTok on all government agency devices. The plaintiff argued that the ban was disruptive to research and education across public universities. A release from the Knight […]

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Judge to hear arguments from TikTok and content creators who are challenging Montana’s ban on app

October 12, 2023

Via: Federal News Network

A federal judge is scheduled to hear arguments Thursday in a case filed by TikTok and five Montana content creators who want the court to block the state’s ban on the video sharing app before it takes effect Jan. 1. […]

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Government contractors grapple with enforcement challenges of TikTok ban

August 8, 2023

Via: Government Executive

Industry groups have expressed privacy and censorship concerns over a federal ban that prohibits government contractors from using the TikTok social media app on covered devices, while warning that monitoring compliance and implementation could prove difficult for many organizations. In […]

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Congress eyes new rules for tech: What’s under consideration

May 8, 2023

Via: Washington's Top News

Most Democrats and Republicans agree that the federal government should better regulate the biggest technology companies, particularly social media platforms. But there is very little consensus on how it should be done. Should TikTok be banned? Should younger children be […]

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House, Senate Republicans push for rules change to ban use of TikTok

April 17, 2023

Via: Fox News

Republican lawmakers called on House and Senate committee leaders to ban members of Congress from using TikTok for “official use” on Monday, arguing it could harm constituents. The 15 lawmakers, led by Sen. Tom Tillis, R-N.C., and Rep. Dan Crenshaw, […]

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UK bans TikTok on government devices over data security fears

March 16, 2023

Via: CSO Online

Social media app TikTok has been banned on UK government electronic devices, the Cabinet Office has announced. The ban, announced by the chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Oliver Dowden, comes in the wake of a security review into the […]

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White House supports Senate bill that would enable US to ban TikTok

March 8, 2023

Via: TechSpot

The bipartisan Senate bill endorsed by the White House empowers Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo to review deals, software updates, or data transfers by information and communications technology in which a foreign adversary has an interest, writes CNBC. There are […]

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TikTok owner spent record amount lobbying in 2022 as it faces national security concerns, ban threats

January 27, 2023

Via: Fox News

TikTok’s Chinese parent company ByteDance and its subsidiaries spent a personal record amount lobbying in 2022 as the social media giant faces national security concerns and threats of bans in the United States. ByteDance and its subsidiaries finished last year […]

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Senate unanimously passes bill that would ban TikTok on government devices

December 16, 2022

Via: Federal News Network

The Senate voted 71 to 19 on a stopgap bill Thursday night to fund the government for an extra week. It will give Congress a little more time to work toward a full-year federal spending package — and avoid a […]

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More States Move to Ban TikTok from Government Devices

December 12, 2022

Via: Nextgov

Maryland and South Carolina became the latest states to ban TikTok for state government agencies and employees that use work-issued devices, following South Dakota’s ban last month. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan signed an emergency cybersecurity directive to bar the use […]

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Senators join calls for US TikTok ban as Biden administration considers deal

November 21, 2022

Via: TechSpot

Senate Intelligence Committee chair Mark Warner warned of the dangers posed by TikTok, which has over 138 million active users in the US, calling it an “enormous threat.” The Virginia Democrat backed Donald Trump’s moves to prohibit the app in […]


TikTok banned Trump before Trump could ban TikTok

January 11, 2021

Via: Fortune

For months, U.S. President Donald Trump has tried to ban TikTok, the wildly popular short-video app owned by Chinese technology company ByteDance, on the grounds that the app’s Chinese ownership poses a national security threat. U.S. officials claim that TikTok […]

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Judge blocks Trump’s order to ban TikTok

September 28, 2020

Via: BGR

TikTok continues to remain available for download on iPhone and Android, as a judge blocked on Sunday the Trump administration’s executive order that would have forced Apple and Google to remove the app from their app stores. This would have […]

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Trump vows not to extend TikTok deadline beyond September 15

September 11, 2020

Via: ArsTechnica

ByteDance, the Chinese company that owns TikTok, is facing a looming September 15 deadline to sell its US operations or have them shut down by the Trump administration. On Thursday evening, President Trump told reporters that the deadline wouldn’t be […]

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6 ways TikTok is countering political scrutiny—and a potential ban—in the U.S.

July 22, 2020

Via: Fortune

The Trump administration is considering banning TikTok, the wildly popular short video platform, over national security concerns and TikTok’s alleged vulnerability to Chinese government censorship and data sharing. TikTok, which is owned by Beijing-based tech firm ByteDance Ltd. and has […]