Hijack of monitoring devices highlights cyber threat to solar power infrastructure

May 23, 2024

An attack on remote monitoring devices in Japan underscores an emerging cybersecurity threat to the rapidly growing solar component of the power grid. Inverters used with solar panels could pose a more significant risk. In what might be the first […]

Senators’ latest telework legislation could imperil remote work

May 8, 2024

Category: Industry, Workforce

The latest bipartisan bill attempting to curb the use of telework in the federal government would require federal workers to spend at least 60% of their work hours on in-person work, though it could also ban remote work arrangements in […]

The Chips Act is rebuilding US semiconductor manufacturing, so far resulting in $327 billion in announced projects

April 28, 2024

Last week President Biden visited Syracuse, NY, to do something government officials typically do: tout a massive investment in the local economy. But this was not just any investment – it was $6.1 billion provided by the CHIPS and Science […]

Industry, Transportation & Infrastructure

Biden’s final EV tax credit rules please automakers, anger China hawks

May 3, 2024


The Biden administration finalized guardrails for its electric vehicle tax credit on Friday that keep President Joe Biden’s EV adoption goals in sight but are likely to draw challenges from critics on both sides of the aisle who say he […]