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U.S. sanctions Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam for carrying out Chinese ‘policies of suppression’

August 7, 2020


WASHINGTON — The Trump administration will impose a fresh round of sanctions on 11 individuals, including Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam, as tensions between the United States and China accelerate. The Treasury Department designated Lam for her role in overseeing […]

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Trump admin shrugs off FCC court loss to fight Calif. net neutrality law

August 6, 2020

Via: ArsTechnica

The Trump administration and broadband industry are resuming their fight against California’s net neutrality law, with the US Department of Justice and ISP lobby groups filing new complaints against the state yesterday. The case is nearly two years old but […]

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Twitter adds labels for government officials and state-controlled media

August 6, 2020

Via: Tech Crunch

Twitter is introducing new labels for accounts and tweets tied to government officials and “state-affiliated media.” “Twitter provides an unmatched way to connect with, and directly speak to public officials and representatives,” the company wrote in the blog post announcing […]

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Small ISPs “stunned” by FCC move to ban Huawei/ZTE gear during pandemic

July 1, 2020

Via: ArsTechnica

Small Internet service providers are “stunned” that the Federal Communications Commission is enforcing a ban on Huawei and ZTE network gear during the ongoing pandemic. The FCC already voted unanimously in November 2019 to ban Huawei and ZTE equipment in […]

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Senate Defense Policy Bill Would Allow Pay Increases for a Few Federal Tech and Acquisition Jobs

June 29, 2020

Via: Government Executive

The Senate is slated to vote this week on its version of the annual defense policy bill, a must-pass piece of legislation that often acts as a vehicle for governmentwide workforce policy changes and this year includes provisions ensuring federal […]

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It’s unconstitutional for cops to force phone unlocking, court rules

June 24, 2020

Via: ArsTechnica

Indiana’s Supreme Court has ruled that the Fifth Amendment allows a woman accused of stalking to refuse to unlock her iPhone. The court held that the Fifth Amendment’s rule against self-incrimination protected Katelin Seo from giving the police access to […]

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Senate passes spying bill without search and browsing history protections

May 14, 2020

Via: ArsTechnica

An effort to protect Americans’ browsing and search histories from warrantless government surveillance failed by a single vote in the Senate on Wednesday. The privacy measure, sponsored by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) got 59 votes, […]

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US military is furious at FCC over 5G plan that could interfere with GPS

May 8, 2020

Via: ArsTechnica

GPS is facing a major interference threat from a 5G network approved by the Federal Communications Commission, US military officials told Congress in a hearing on Wednesday. In testimony to the Senate Committee on Armed Services, Department of Defense Chief […]

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Congress calls on Bezos to come explain Amazon’s possible lies

May 1, 2020

Via: ArsTechnica

A bipartisan group of House representatives wants Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to show up and explain to their socially distanced faces why media reports say his company is doing something Amazon previously promised Congress it would never do. The House […]

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White House suspends environmental protection, citing coronavirus

March 27, 2020

Via: ArsTechnica

2020 has a new motto: “Cancelled due to the coronavirus.” Businesses, schools, sports, travel, film, and TV production, conferences, meetings, and basically any and all business as usual has been suspended in the US as individuals and institutions try to […]