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Legacy systems are the Achilles’ heel of critical infrastructure cybersecurity

July 8, 2024

Via: CSO Online

China and other nation-state bad actors are probing the defenses of critical infrastructure worldwide and legacy or outdated systems are prime targets. The time to mitigate that risk is now. Rare is the element of critical infrastructure ecosystem that doesn’t […]


How Cybersecurity Can Steer Organizations Toward Sustainability

June 19, 2024

Via: Dark Reading

Inadequate cybersecurity architecture can cause irreparable damage to an organization, which is why boards and C-suite executives are heeding recommendations to implement policies and procedures to mitigate risk. In addition, boardrooms are also paying attention to other hot topics, including […]


3 reasons users can’t stop making security mistakes — unless you address them

May 31, 2024

Via: CSO Online

Understanding what’s behind employee security mistakes can help CISOs make meaningful adjustments to their security awareness training strategies. Risks associated with cybersecurity continue to evolve, but one challenge remains a constant for CISOs: managing human error. Even with advanced solutions […]


The SEC’s New Take on Cybersecurity Risk Management

May 28, 2024

Via: Dark Reading

The advent of generative AI is surfacing new risks, significantly raising the stakes for businesses around the globe and for marketplace stability. In reaction to the logarithmic growth of cybercrime, the guidance and regulatory landscape is changing rapidly. While historically, […]


Rise of zero-day exploits reshape security recommendations

May 22, 2024

Via: CSO Online

Research from Rapid7 shows a spike in zero-days contributing to quicker exploit timelines, leaving IT security teams under strain with a greater need for post-incident response. With zero-day attacks rapidly eclipsing exploits of known flaws, CISOs face the specter of […]

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Kansas City traffic system still down after cyberattack

April 26, 2024

Via: StateScoop

Kansas City, Missouri’s traffic management system, Scout, is still down after a cyberattack on Thursday, according to the Missouri Department of Transportation. The department posted an alert on X early Thursday morning: “The KC website and services are down until […]


The Pentagon wants to help boost cybersecurity for small contractors

April 2, 2024

Via: Government Executive

The Pentagon is working on a shared virtual cloud-based workspace for contractors as a way to boost their cybersecurity and part of a larger strategic effort to make defense companies more secure. “There are some things that we’re working on […]


“Disabling cyberattacks” are hitting critical US water systems, White House warns

March 20, 2024

Via: ArsTechnica

The Biden administration on Tuesday warned the nation’s governors that drinking water and wastewater utilities in their states are facing “disabling cyberattacks” by hostile foreign nations that are targeting mission-critical plant operations. “Disabling cyberattacks are striking water and wastewater systems […]

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Biden to sign executive order boosting cybersecurity of ports, maritime vessels

February 21, 2024

Via: Government Executive

President Joe Biden is expected to sign an executive order on Wednesday that would give the Homeland Security Department more authority to address maritime cybersecurity threats. The order, previewed by officials in a call with reporters, would give the U.S. […]


Cyberattacks on state and local governments rose in 2023, says CIS report

January 30, 2024

Via: StateScoop

The Center for Internet Security, the Upstate New York nonprofit that runs information sharing and analysis operations to support government agencies, found in a study announced Tuesday that cyberattacks on state and local governments increased from 2022 to 2023. That’s […]


Civilian cyber reserves gaining steam at the US federal and state levels

January 24, 2024

Via: CSO Online

Volunteer cybersecurity reserve workforces are growing in the face of infosec worker shortages, with US CyberCommand recently authorized in the 2024 NDAA to create its own civilian cybersecurity reserve corps. The creation of civilian cyber reserves has gained traction over […]

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Maryland governor announces major tech overhaul for state government, including AI order

January 8, 2024

Via: StateScoop

The State of Maryland will be receiving a “software update,” Gov. Wes Moore announced during a press conference Monday. Moore and his IT secretary, Katie Savage, announced four new technology initiatives, including a statewide executive order on artificial intelligence, a […]


Stronger together: Creating a cyber-secure community

January 4, 2024

Via: CSO Online

Ransomware activity continues to threaten organizations and people while breach attempts are becoming more sophisticated and targeted – due largely to an increase in Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) operations. The reality is that in an interconnected world, organizations can’t fully protect their […]

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NSA, CISA call on software developers, suppliers to improve open source software management practices

December 13, 2023

Via: Federal News Network

The National Security Agency and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency’s latest guidance offers software developers and suppliers a set of recommendations on how to securely source and store open source software, as open source tech use has skyrocketed in the […]


20 federal agencies miss deadline for implementing cyber incident tracking requirements, watchdog says

December 7, 2023

Via: Government Executive

Twenty federal agencies failed to meet the Biden administration’s deadline for implementing the most advanced cyber event logging requirements across their systems, with most agencies failing to implement even basic incident tracking standards, according to a recent report from the […]


DOD strategy warns emerging tech is ‘at the forefront’ of information threats

November 21, 2023

Via: Government Executive

The Pentagon publicly released its strategy for operating in the information environment — which covers both physical and digital sources of information — on Friday, outlining how the agency plans to modernize its collecting, processing and sharing of data to […]


Strategies for Improving Transparency and Accountability in Government Operations

October 31, 2023

Via: Caitlin Simmons

Transparency and accountability remain as pivotal elements in the foundation of a thriving democratic society. A transparent government promotes accountability, bolsters public trust, and plays a critical role in the battle against corruption. However, achieving a satisfactory level of governmental […]

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UK government is now using AI to make life-changing decisions for its citizens

October 24, 2023

Via: TechSpot

The Guardian reports that multiple UK government institutions have started utilizing AI in ways that could significantly affect the daily lives of ordinary people. The technology now plays a role in various procedures, ranging from arrests and marriage license, to […]

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The Pillars of Cloud Infrastructure Security in 2023 and Beyond

October 23, 2023

Via: InformationWeek

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way enterprises deploy and manage critical applications. It ensures unparalleled agility in terms of hosting and scaling an IT infrastructure. With its distributed nature and unlimited on-demand compute power, the cloud enables frictionless real-time access […]

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Economic challenges tighten CISO compensation: IANS study

October 10, 2023

Via: CSO Online

The ongoing economic challenges are severely impacting CISOs, many of whom are struggling to get any salary hikes at all while new job postings for the role are on a decline, according to an IANS study. The IANS study, evaluating […]