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Biden to surge vaccinators, testing to hard-hit Michigan

April 9, 2021

Via: Washington's Top News

Washington is surging federal resources to support vaccinations, testing and therapeutics, but not vaccines, to Michigan in an effort to control the state’s worst-in-the-nation COVID-19 transmission rate, the White House said Friday. President Joe Biden outlined the moves late Thursday […]

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US government launches $500,000 competition to find a better mask design

April 6, 2021

Via: TechSpot

The Mask Innovation Challenge aims to find designs that address some of the issues discouraging people from wearing masks. Anyone who uses glasses, for example, will know the frustration of walking around blind as their lenses fog up. There’s also […]

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Biden launches community corps to boost COVID vaccinations

April 1, 2021

Via: Federal News Network

Seeking to overcome vaccine hesitancy, the Biden administration is unveiling a coalition of community, religious and celebrity partners to promote COVID-19 shots. The Department of Health and Human Services’ “We Can Do This” campaign features television and social media ads, […]

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Biden admin remakes vaccine strategy after mass vaccination sites fizzle

March 29, 2021


The Biden administration is rethinking a costly system of government-run mass vaccination sites after data revealed the program is lagging well behind a much cheaper federal effort to distribute doses via retail pharmacies. The government has shipped millions of doses […]

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White House to spend $10 billion to bolster vaccine effort

March 25, 2021

Via: Federal News Network

The White House announced Thursday that it is dedicating another $10 billion to try to drive up vaccination rates in low-income, minority and rural enclaves throughout the country. The effort, which is funded through the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package […]

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Dr. Fauci reveals which medications you shouldn’t take before your coronavirus vaccine

March 4, 2021

Via: BGR

As the COVID vaccination effort in the US continues to pick up steam, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC have recently cautioned that anyone preparing to get vaccinated shouldn’t take pain relievers like Advil, Motrin, or Tylenol before their appointment. […]

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Dr. Fauci explains a major coronavirus vaccine mistake people are making

March 2, 2021

Via: BGR

With Johnson & Johnson receiving an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA over the weekend, the US now has three effective COVID-19 vaccines at its disposal, a scenario that would have seemed implausible even five months ago. While Pfizer […]

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Biden might implement a new coronavirus rule that’ll make so many people furious

January 27, 2021

Via: BGR

From his first day in office, President Biden issued several orders to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus, including mandatory face mask use on federal property, COVID-19 testing for international travel, and travel bans for various regions of the […]

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Trump predicts GOP and Democrats will agree on health care plan

December 26, 2017


President Donald Trump is predicting that Democrats and Republicans will “eventually come together “on a new health care plan for the country. Sending a Twitter post early Tuesday from his Florida resort, Trump said “the very unfair and unpopular Individual […]

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John McCain Helps Sink GOP’s Obamacare Repeal in Dramatic Senate Health Care Vote

July 28, 2017

Via: Fortune

At 10 p.m. Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell released text of a “skinny” repeal of Obamacare—the third version of the GOP’s various health care bills to be unleashed in as many days—likely expecting victory. By 1:30 a.m. Friday, his […]