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Restoring Trust in Government One Customer at a Time

June 3, 2021

Via: Government Executive

Public trust in government—especially the federal government—has plummeted in recent years. This has ominous overtones for democracy, which is founded on trust. No wonder a recent survey of corporate CEOs shows the nation’s top business executives believe restoring public trust […]

Policy, State & Local

How the TMF can enable broad improvements across government

May 28, 2021

Via: FCW

Agencies can learn from experience about how modernization investments can be sustained and scaled over time as they prepare their first round of proposals for the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF). Specifically, the TMF guidance from the Office of Management and […]

Health Care, Industry

Medicare requires nursing homes to report COVID vaccinations

May 11, 2021

Via: Federal News Network

Medicare will require nursing homes to report COVID-19 vaccination rates for residents and staff, the government said Tuesday, in what officials hope will be an incentive for facilities to keep giving shots even as the worst ravages of the pandemic […]

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New White House panel aims to separate science, politics

May 10, 2021

Via: Washington's Top News

Eager to the turn the page on the Trump years, the Biden White House is launching an effort to unearth past problems with the politicization of science within government and to tighten scientific integrity rules for the future. A new […]

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Treasury Secretary Yellen says rates may have to rise somewhat to keep economy from overheating

May 4, 2021


Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen conceded Tuesday that interest rates may have to rise to keep a lid on the burgeoning growth of the U.S. economy brought on in part by trillions in government stimulus spending. “It may be that interest […]

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Lawmakers press Instagram for details on its plans for kids

April 7, 2021

Via: Tech Crunch

A group of Democratic lawmakers wrote to Mark Zuckerberg this week to press the CEO on his plans to curate a version of Instagram for children. In a hearing last month, Zuckerberg confirmed reporting by BuzzFeed that the company was […]

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Biden blasts Amazon for not paying federal taxes, promises to ‘put an end to that’

April 1, 2021

Via: TechSpot

During an address in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, yesterday, Biden mentioned Amazon twice when unveiling his infrastructure spending plan, which increases the corporate tax rate to 28% from 21%. It also closes a popular loophole in the tax code that allows companies […]

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After Capitol riot, Congress eyes bipartisan reform of its own protectors

March 31, 2021


Lawmakers investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection are zeroing in on an opaque trio of officials now in charge of Congress’ security after that group’s failures during the riot exacerbated the violence. The Capitol Police Board, a three-member panel responsible […]

Health Care, Industry

Biden admin remakes vaccine strategy after mass vaccination sites fizzle

March 29, 2021


The Biden administration is rethinking a costly system of government-run mass vaccination sites after data revealed the program is lagging well behind a much cheaper federal effort to distribute doses via retail pharmacies. The government has shipped millions of doses […]

Federal, Policy

A year after the pandemic struck, the U.S. economy is still struggling but coming around quickly

March 10, 2021


Shutting down a $20 trillion economy in full swing seemed a daunting enough task by itself. Restarting that massive machine has proven still tougher. A year ago, the government brought activity to a near-standstill in hopes of stunting the growth […]