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European Commission to appeal decision that reversed Apple’s $15B State Aid tax bill in Ireland

September 25, 2020

Via: Tech Crunch

It’s not over until it’s over for Apple and its ongoing tax headache in Europe. Today the European Commission announced that it plans to appeal the July 2020 ruling that overturned the original $15 billion fine that it leveled against […]


Facebook says it may have to stop operating in the EU amid new data transfer rules

September 22, 2020

Via: TechSpot

Last month, Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) sent Facebook a preliminary order to stop transferring the data of European users to the US, after a European Court of Justice ruled that American privacy legislation isn’t adequate. Failing that, Facebook could […]

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Facebook data transfers to be examined by EU court, Irish judge rules

April 12, 2018

Via: ArsTechnica

The Irish High Court has formally asked the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) to figure out whether it’s legal under European law for Facebook to routinely transfer user data to the United States. The referral to the […]

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Ireland to challenge EU ruling on Apple’s $14.5 billion tax bill

September 5, 2016

Via: ArsTechnica

Irish ministers confirmed on Friday, after days of talks, that they will appeal against the European Union’s Apple tax ruling. Earlier this week, Ireland was ordered by the European Commission, the executive arm of the EU, to reclaim €13 billion […]


Microsoft’s overseas privacy battle may be far from over

July 15, 2016

Via: CIO

Privacy advocates, especially those outside the U.S., can rest a little easier now. A federal court has rebuked the U.S. government’s attempt to access emails stored on a Microsoft server in Ireland. But the legal battle may be far from […]


Microsoft invokes Supreme Court opinion in Ireland email case

June 22, 2016

Via: CIO

Microsoft believes its refusal to turn over email held in Ireland to the U.S. government got a boost from an opinion of the Supreme Court on Monday, which upheld that U.S. laws cannot apply extraterritorially unless Congress has explicitly provided […]


US Effort to Grab Data from Microsoft in Ireland Should Frighten All Firms Using the Cloud Overseas

August 21, 2015

Via: Jeff Gould

Does your company have staff or facilities overseas? Do you use cloud services from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, DropBox and other leading providers? Then, in all likelihood some of your data is stored overseas, because in order to reduce network […]