image: Richard Levine—Corbis via Getty Images

Verizon Accused of ‘Grossly Overstating’ Its 4G Coverage

A trade group representing rural cellular carriers says Verizon “grossly overstated” its 4G LTE coverage in government filings, which could prevent people in areas that are underserved from seeing improvements in service.

The Rural Wireless Association (RWA), in a filing with the Federal Communications Commission, said Verizon’s coverage map, submitted last year to the FCC, was “a sham”. And the misinformation in it could prevent the federal agency from distributing outlays (up to $4.5 billion) from the Mobility Fund over the next 10 years to areas that need it most.

Put another way: Because Verizon’s data makes it appear as though certain areas are covered, said the RWA, the FCC might not offer funding to those areas.

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