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New Orleans mayor wants to overturn facial recognition ban

February 22, 2022

Via: StateScoop

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell last week requested an ordinance to reverse the city’s ban on using facial recognition, just over a year after implementing it. New Orleans has had a ban on government use of facial recognition, as well […]


A hacker tried to poison the water supply in another major US city

June 22, 2021

Via: BGR

To the average person, most cybersecurity news might only sound relevant in the abstract. Network penetrations, stolen passwords, leaked files, and the like aren’t exactly the kind of things that create a headache for most of us. But like the […]

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San Francisco airport first to try biometric check-in

April 8, 2021

Via: Transportation Today News

San Francisco International Airport and United Airlines are testing SITA Smart Path, a low-touch, biometric-enabled check-in technology for boarding some domestic flights. This will be the first trial run in the country. SITA Smart Path integrates with existing industry-operating platforms. […]

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San Francisco tweaks facial recognition ban that made it illegal for city employees to use iPhones

December 24, 2019

Via: TechSpot

While San Francisco may have been the first US city to place a blanket ban on facial recognition, it’s also the first to have learned that it isn’t the best of ideas. The city’s Board of Supervisors wanted to ensure […]

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Trump Threatens San Francisco With Environmental Violations Over Homeless Population

September 19, 2019

Via: Fortune

President Donald Trump is threatening to hit San Francisco with possible federal environmental violations because of the city’s homeless population. As he was returning to the White House from a rare trip to the West Coast, Trump told reporters on […]

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How tech upgrades helped San Francisco stand out amid a national crush of tax payments

March 20, 2018

Via: StateScoop

President Donald Trump’s big tax plan changed a lot of things, but there was one outcome that no one had anticipated. In late December, local news reports from around the country showed sudden and unexpected long lines at municipal tax […]

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Why this San Francisco lawmaker is pushing for Bill Gates’ ‘robot tax’

August 25, 2017

Via: CNBC – Top News

Robots are going to replace human workers and when they do, the companies that employ them should be taxed. So says billionaire Bill Gates. And now, San Francisco lawmaker Jane Kim thinks so too. In February, in an interview with […]


San Francisco Muni says server data not accessed in ransomware hit

November 29, 2016

Via: CIO

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency said late Monday that no data had been accessed from its servers in a ransomware attack on the Muni transit system and the agency has never considered paying the ransom asked by the attacker. […]


San Francisco’s Muni transit system reportedly hit by ransomware

November 28, 2016

Via: CIO

San Francisco’s Muni transit system was reportedly hit by ransomware since Friday, leading to the message “You Hacked, ALL Data Encrypted” being displayed on the computer screens at stations, according to newspaper reports. The message asked that cryptom27 at […]

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San Francisco wants Uber and Lyft drivers to get business permits

April 18, 2016

Via: CIO

The City and County of San Francisco launched another salvo in the ongoing regulatory tussle between the city’s government and ridesharing services Uber and Lyft. This time, though, it’s the drivers who will have to pay up. According to SFGate, […]


Obama Talks Tech Jobs, Pacific Rim Trade Deal at U.S. Conference of Mayors Meeting

June 22, 2015

Via: Jason Shueh

SAN FRANCISCO — In his remarks to more than 300 mayors on June 19, President Obama called for political support of two tech initiatives: a White House-led tech training program and his Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal with Asia. Obama voiced […]


Inaugural City Innovate Summit to Tackle ‘SmartCity 2.0′

June 16, 2015

Via: Jason Shueh

Whether it’s about municipal reinvention, investment opportunity or collaboration, the inaugural City Innovate Summit aims to deliver a host of lessons in urban ingenuity when it debuts in San Francisco this week, June 17-18. Organized by the City Innovate Foundation […]


San Francisco votes to expand computer science education across all grades

June 10, 2015

Via: Cyrus Farivar

Within a few years, every single student in the San Francisco Unified School District will be studying computer science, at all grade levels.The city’s Board of Education unanimously approved the measure during its weekly meeting on Tuesday evening. “Information technology […]