Education, Industry

Erase All Kittens raises $1M Seed round for Mario-style game which teaches girls to code

April 29, 2021

Via: Tech Crunch

Erase All Kittens (EAK) is an EdTech startup that created a ‘Mario-style’ web-based game designed for kids aged 8-12. However, the game has a twist: it places an emphasis on inspiring girls to code (since let’s face it, most coding […]

Policy, State & Local

Government funding’s impact three times larger than we thought

March 31, 2017

Via: ArsTechnica

In recent years, funding for research provided by the National Institutes of Health has struggled to keep up with inflation. A recent paper published in Science suggests this could mean bad things for the overall economy. Ana analysis of 27 years of […]


How Legal Immigration Failed Silicon Valley

September 8, 2015

Via: Amit Paka

Twelve years after filing for U.S. residency, I finally took the oath of citizenship in a quaint suburban theater, having spent seven of those prime entrepreneurship years mired in the Green Card queue. This wait damages the entrepreneurship spirit and, […]


Education innovation clusters coming to Chicago

August 6, 2015

Via: Corinne Lestch

Second-grade students from Piedmont City School District in Alabama work on computers. (Photo courtesy of Digital Promise) Chicago is going to be turned into an education innovation hub with the arrival of dozens of school district leaders, edtech entrepreneurs, researchers, […]


Education officials want kids, teachers to be main players in ‘Games for Learning’

April 22, 2015

Via: Corinne Lestch

New York — The entertainment games industry has a new market to serve – schools. But how online and video games can transition from being played in kids’ bedrooms to their classrooms was the big question at the 12th annual […]