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When Will Twitter Ban White Nationalists? Civil Rights Leaders Urge the Site to Take Action

August 12, 2019

Via: Fortune

As the two-year anniversary of the deadly 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville approaches, civil rights and digital activists say Twitter has not done nearly enough to prevent white nationalists from spreading hate speech online.

Twitter is facing increased pressure to take action following the mass shooting in El Paso, where the shooter—who appeared to embrace white nationalism—killed 22 people and injured dozens more. Patrick Crusius shared his anti-immigrant screed on the online message board 8chan, which was shut down over the weekend.

Following the shooting, Twitter users urged the tech company to also ban 8chan’s verified account from its platform, using the hashtag “untwitter8chan.” When reached for comment, a source from Twitter said it has “nothing to share on 8chan right now.”

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