Why Apple Was Graded as the Most Reliable Computer Maker on the Market

March 12, 2018

Via: Fortune

If you’re looking for the most reliable computer on store shelves, one brand is better than the others, according to a new study.

Apple has earned an A+ grade for reliability in the latest Rescuecom computer reliability report. According to computer repair company Rescuecom, Apple’s machines represent just 3.2% of all repairs it makes. That low number, coupled with the company’s millions of Macs sold per year, translates to low failure rates and the high reliability grade. Samsung and Lenovo landed in second and third place with grades of A- and B+, respectively.

Rescuecom regularly releases its study on the most reliable machines. The data comes from repairs its company makes on consumer and corporate computers across the U.S. According to its website, Rescuecom addresses a variety of computing woes, including hardware and security flaws. More reliable computers generally have fewer problems and therefore don’t require significant repair. The company didn’t say how big its sample was in its latest reliability report.

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